Deep Conditioning Treatment

Signature salon service

The deep conditioning treatment is a service made to replenish the hair with the protein that was lost due to coloring or perm. The treatment adds moisture back into the hair and reaches the deepest areas to leave your hair feeling healthier and looking smoother.

Who is this treatment recommended for? This treatment is recommended for hair that is damaged due to coloring/perms, naturally frizzy hair, or sun damaged hair.

How often should I get the treatment? Generally, it is recommended to receive the treatment once a month in order to maintain the healthiest hair. However, this can vary depending on the severity of the damage of hair.

How long does it take? 40 minutes to 1 hour

Magic Straight

Signature salon service

The magic straightening process is designed to transform curly and frizzy hair into smooth, silky straight hair, that illuminates richness. There are different types of magic straightening including volume magic straightening, Japanese magic straightening, and keratin straightening.

Volume Magic Straightening This straightening is popular amongst those that have hair that drops flat and lifeless and for people who are looking to add volume. This process has a unique chemical application technique that allows for an extra volumizing effect. This straightening perm is estimated to last for about 3~4 months and is not recommended for those that have extremely curly or thick hair.

Japanese Magic Straightening Out of all the straightening perms, the Japanese perm has the highest level of shining effect and is perfect for people with extremely heavy or curly hair. One should note that extremely curly hair requires the straightening to start close to the roots and therefore is not very effective in giving volume to the hair. After receiving a straightening perm, applying hair treatment regularly can help nourish the hair with protein and moisture in order to create rich, shining, straight hair that lasts for a long period of time. Already straightened hair is relatively permanent, and therefore only requires the grown out roots to be redone for the healthiest results.

Keratin Straightening Also known as the "Protein perm", this Brazilian perm utilizes the protein, keratin, as the main component to prevent any damage of the hair. The technique of the Brazilian is slightly different than most other perms and does not require a neutralizing step during the process. The keratin straightens the hair without calming down the volume at the roots and can last up to 2~4 months. The hair must not be washed for 2-3 days after the straight perm for the best results. We always recommend the use of sulfate free shampoo and also recommend this perm to people who have damaged hair from past color or highlights.

Digital Perm

Signature salon service

The digital perm is Cutaway's most popular service offered. Unlike other normal perms, the digital perm leaves natural and resilient waves that are easy to maintain and control. The curls are brought upon, not by the use of chemicals, but by the heat induced by electricity, which allows for the perm to last a long period of time and remain naturally soft.

The digital perm is perfect for clients with medium to long hair, searching for naturally wavy curls or for clients with slightly shorter length that would like to add a touch of liveliness and bounce to their hair. Most perm methods are water sensitive and therefore tend to dry up and tangle as the curls begin to loosen. However, the digital perm maintains its resilient curls over a long period of time and it has the greatest advantage of providing clients with easy to manage hair on a daily basis.

    Digital perm is strongly recommended for:
  • Those that want thick and natural waves.
  • People that blow dry to style their hair everyday.
  • Ones that cannot go to the salon often
  • Clients that desire bouncy volumizing curls

    Not recommended for:
  • Very fine hair or very short hair.
  • Extremely damaged hair.

    Everyday care procedure for digital perm:
  • After washing the hair, towel dry and apply a leave-in conditioner.
  • Lightly finger comb any tangles. Do NOT brush or comb digital permed hair.
  • Apply an anti-frizzing control cream.
  • Slightly twirl parts of the hair in the direction of the perm and air dry.