March 31st 2015
Catherine V

Long story short, I got the worst ombré done 6 months ago in San Diego to the point where my hair looked beyond dead and it looked like my hair went from black to orange-blonde with no transition. A month later I went to another salon and chopped it all off cause it was so terrible and to add insult to injury, I used box dye to cover up what was left of the bleached hair.

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March 10th 2015
Brittany c

My best experience so far I had since I get my basic hair cut I get done at a random-salon I always go to. It was my first time coming in without appointment. First thing first the stylists and all the assistant plus the receptionist were so friendly and welcoming, which was a huge plus for me. I usually get a trim (which I can't do at home) so I usually hop around salons to get it done but I think I've found my actual hair salon to go to now.

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February 17th 2015
Shanna L

Going to Cutaway was a spur of the moment decision by my sister and I. I had just flown home for the school break and told my sister I wanted to get a haircut, and so we yelped a place and found this location near our house. I'm so happy we did! We were warmly greeted by the receptionist, and I was then given to the hands of the hairstylist (Rich) who asked what I wanted. My hair was dark brown and reached all the way to my mid-back.

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January 26th 2015

Beyond impressed once again. At this point, being 100% satisfied is the norm every time I visit Mia. Since moving out of Torrance, I was on the hunt to try and find a salon closer to home. Referred by a friend, I checked out a salon in Hollywood. I wanted the stylist to mirror the blonde, ashy highlights I formerly got from Cutaway. And to my hair's demise.... I walked out looking like an orange stripped tiger. HORRIBLE. That's when I knew, no more experimenting--going back to Mia!

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March 24th 2015
Malee B

Mia and her assistant Ivy are seriously the most knowledgeable, caring, and talented hair stylists! I was recommended to Mia because i needed a color correction and wanted Balayage ombre. Mia had me come in for a hair consultation before my appointment and asked if i had any pics that rep what i wanted. She also showed me a couple color swatches that she thought would complement my skin tone.

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April 4th 2014
Jenny L

EXCELLENT! I strongly recommend Cutaway Hair Salon. Before I found Cutaway, I used to have a serious thinning hair problem, and my hair color was always too dark and my hair was brittle and not manageable. Sadly, I gave up on my hair for ten long years. My deepest thanks goes to the owner Mia, the key stylist Ivy and the rest of the very professional and kind staff. They really really want your hair to look its very BEST. They also carry an amazing leave-in conditioner and hair products that works.

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February 16th 2015
J P.

Great hair salon. Love the clean look and modern decor. My hair stylist was rich. A guy from New York who was really great and took his time with a hair conditioning treatment and cut. Will definitely return for future services. Would definitely recommend this place!

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April 9th 2015

I found this salon on Yelp, and made an appointment based on the high reviews. I have had botched ombre done at an "upscale" (pffft..) salon in Palos Verdes a year ago, and then several (4-5) attempted fixes from the same salon (they even charged me to fix it) and one other.

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May 23th 2014
Lucy V

I've had my hair cut here twice and just came here Tuesday night, I got ombré for my hair. It came out absolutely perfect!!! I could not ask for more. Mia is so talented and so patient. I had an appointment at 7:30pm and they close at 9pm. I didn't leave the salon until 10:15 but that just shows that she didn't try to rush or anything. I really appreciate that.

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April 3rd 2015
Stephanie M

I just had the pleasure of having my hair done at this salon this evening. I have to admit, I'm always hesitant going to a new salon, even for a blowout, but right when I walked in the staff was so welcoming and accommodating.

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February 18th 2015
Diana S

Rich cut my hair today & did an amazing job! He did exactly what I wanted & more. He took his time & made my hair perfect. Thank you again for doing an amazing job!

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December 24th 2014
Shawn L

Great staff, price is fair, always satisfied with my haircut! I've been coming here every other week for almost a year now and I'm always pleased with the results. Always make an appointment! This place tends to get busy

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Octomber 2nd 2014
Irene-Travis J

I have been going to Mia for about 10+ years now and followed her to her own salon, Cutaway. The salon is very tastefully done...very modern and clean! Mia is so good at what she does! She can look at your face and tell you what hair style will look good on you!

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February 4th 2015
Helen P.

I came here after reading the positive reviews about Mia. I'm not one to ever style, color, or curl my hair - it's lucky to get brushed. I've had long hair my whole life, but had secretly been fantasizing about getting a long bob. The last couple stylists I had been to had told me a bob wouldn't suit my face.

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January 10th 2014
Janet L

As a makeup artist & hair stylist myself I've been to countless salons all over the greater Los Angeles area & finally I have found my salon!!! All the stylists here are super friendly & tentative. They always ask if we want a beverage or something to munch on while we get our services done. Plus they always make sure to have a consultation with you before hand about prices & services.

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August 10th 2014
Adam A.

My first time here was amazing I was directed to Michelle and I picked out a look. I am very impressed. Though the price is not for paupers, she showed me the meaning of you get what you pay for, and that was a fabulous haircut for a fabulous price. If you want to change up your look this is the place.

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July 31st 2014
Stella B.

LOVE Cutaway Hair Salon! Thank you so much yelpers for helping find this amazing salon! I live in the South Bay and have been driving all the way to Ktown just to get my hair cut! Over the years, I haven't had much luck finding Korean/Asian hair salons in the South Bay with talented stylists.

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December 10th 2014
Andrienne C

Great salon! Recommended by my sister. I specifically asked for Mia. She complemented my hair type which I thought was weird (wavy), but she said that it was actually quite nice. She made some changes to my request which really made a difference with how my hair looked - for the better. My daughter got Rich who was also phenomenal. Rich even helped to entertain my 2 kiddos while I got my hair cut. So patient with my 5-year old. It was a pleasure to go here. Of course we will be back!

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